Assistant Professor Megan Augustyn studies harmful effects of juvenile transfer policies

The push for harsher sentencing policies of juvenile offenders specifically through the use of juvenile waiver to criminal court is one that is not well understood.  Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice, Megan Augustyn and colleague Thomas Loughran, used data from the Pathways to Desistance Study, to investigate the effects that juvenile waiver has on the social status on adolescents.  The study consists of a sample of 557 adolescent offenders from Maricopa County, Arizona, who were followed over seven years post-adjudication.  Using various matching specifications, Augustyn and Loughran’s findings demonstrate that the juveniles who were transferred to the adult court experience suffered no harmful effects on human capital in terms of educational acquisition compared to similar youth retained in the juvenile system.  However, these youth still earned considerably less income seven years post-adjudication. Augustyn’s study has been accepted for publication in Criminology in late 2017.


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