Latino Policy Symposium

May 4-5, 2017

University Of Texas at San Antonio

Downtown Campus

The partners of the “1st Latino Path to Power and Prosperityworking symposium invite

prospective participants to this May 4-5, 2017 policy focused event. The symposium goal is to

establish equitable public policies that contribute to economic mobility opportunities which

strengthen Latino families. Strong families exemplified by financially stable home environments,

increased education, secure employment, greater child development support opportunities,

improved health, and more engaged voters.

This statewide working summit provides us an opportunity to collaboratively review the bienestar

(well-being) of Latino families targeting education, labor/employment, housing, and health and

human services while critically discussing the impact of local and state public policies on these

major issue areas.

Public policies matter because they can help strengthen or weaken families. Texas’s history and

the ‘Texas Way ‘of minimal and regressive policies to human capital investments are well-

documented. The consequences have been inadequate and inequitable public policies that invest in

families and children. Today, over one-half (2.3M) Latino children are at risk of being another

generation who will struggle to achieve the American Dream or middle-class status.

While Latino advocates and allies have made policy achievements, continued challenge to local

and state policies across a range of issues negatively impacting our families is imperative. More

needs to be done to invest in our schools and students, increase jobs and wages, increase

homeownership, and improve health and neighborhoods environments. Whereas, regressive tax

policies, unbalanced tax credits to business interests, voter suppression, and bad immigration

policies are counter-productive policies to investing in families, and strengthening our states

economic future.

‘Change is slow in Texas’ is an understatement. The current state and national political environment

intensify the policy challenges. Join us, in assessing our capacity to influence public policies. Let

us have deliberate discussions to develop short and long-term policy platforms. Symposium

deliberations will incorporate:

  • Political power,
  • Applied policy analysis support across issues,
  • Pro-active development of policy proposals (state and local), and
  • Communications network that informs, educations and support organized advocacy.

Symposium participation is limited. Acceptance will be based on multiple criteria including, but not

limited to, geographical and Latino-based advocacy/non-profit service issue experience. Overnight

accommodations and air/mileage travel costs will be provided dependent on travel distance.