Active Projects

Bureau of Justice Statistics, Federal Justice Statistics Analytical Support Program:Type of Counsel and Federal Criminal Justice Outcomes

PI: Richard Hartley

Funder: The Urban Institute Office of Grants, Contracts, Pricing and Purchasing

Amount: $16,268

Dates: 12.15.18 – 6.30.19


College Crime Victimization Survey: Examining Traditional and Cybervictimization among College Students at a Hispanic Serving Institution

PI: Megan Augustyn

Funder: UTSA

Amount: $20,000

Dates: 9.1.18 – 8.31.19


District 5 Child Abuse Prevention Project Evaluation

PI: Megan Augustyn

Funder: City of San Antonio

Amount: $30,000

Dates: 1.1.18 – 9.30.19


The San Antonio Pathway to the Health Professions

PI: Roger Enriquez

Funder: United States Department of Health

Amount: $1,975,226

Dates: 9.1.15 – 8.31.19


Multi-Site Evaluations of Courts on the Frontline: Systematically Accessing Implementation and Intermediate Outcomes in Veterans Treatment Courts

PI: Richard Hartley

Funder: National Institute of Justice

Amount: $135,013

Dates: 2.16.16 – 9.31.19


TxHHSC LTC Map Application Maintenance

PI: Jeff Jordan

Funder: Texas Health and Human Services

Amount: $17,989

Dates: 9.1.18 – 8.31.19


Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Title IV E Program

PI: Megan Piel (formerly managed by Jolyn Mikow)

Funder: Texas Department of Family Protective Services

Amount: $259,073

Dates: 7.1.18 – 6.30.19


A Longitudinal Study of Teacher Victimization at Schools: Prevalence, Predictors, and Negative Consequence

PI: Byongook Moon

Funder: National Institute of Justice

Amount: $364,469

Dates: 1.1.18 – 12.31.19


Texas Workforce Commission Allocation Factors

PI: Lloyd Potter

Funder: Texas Workforce Commission

Amount: $17,323

Dates: 10.30.18 – 5.31.19


Demographic Data Research and Analysis for Modeling Transportation Demand and Demographic Research Technical Assistance

PI: Lloyd Potter

Funder: Texas Department of Transportation

Amount: $573,600

Dates: 9.1.17 – 8.31.19


The New 100th Meridian: Urban Water Resiliency in a Climatic and Demographic Hot Spot

PI: Lloyd Potter

Funder: University of Texas at Austin

Amount: $24,219

Dates: 9.15.15 – 8.31.2020


Multi-Method Investigation of Officer Decision Making and Force Used or Avoided in Arrest Situations

PI: Michael Smith

Co-PI: Rob Tillyer

Funder: International Association of Chiefs of Police

Amount: $103,074

Dates: 8.1.18 – 10.31.19


Improving Human Trafficking Investigations: A Data Driven Approach

PI: Michael Smith

Co-PI: Rob Tillyer

Funder: Department of Homeland Security through George Mason University

Amount: $191,202

Dates: 7.1.18 – 6.30.19


Predictive modeling consulting for Methodist Healthcare Ministries

PI: Corey Sparks

Co-PI: Johnelle Sparks

Funder: Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas

Amount: $55,807

Dates: 11.15.18 – 5.15.19