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The Social Work Council is a student organization at the University of Texas at San Antonio. All students of UTSA's MSW program are automatically members, so there is no need to apply to join the organization or pay for any membership fees. We are social work students who are making a difference in our community through collaboration and action to meet needs and empower the students and professionals of social work. We use primarily our Facebook group to keep in communication with students about our upcoming events. If you have any questions or suggestions for organizations to team up with or volunteer for in the future, we can also be reached by e-mail at Please visit our Facebook site at


Professional Organizations

Learn more about the National Association of Social Workers

Learn more about the Council on Social Work Education

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Career Resources

There are various opportunities for students to learn about future careers, interviewing skills, and job preparation. Below are some of the fields and jobs in which you will find social workers (including many of our alumni). For specific information about questions you may have please contact the Graduate Adviser of Record for our department (210-458-3000) or your assigned faculty mentor.

- Students can become clinicians/direct practice social workers in health care, mental health, child welfare/child and family services, schools, juvenile and adult probation/parole/corrections, with the homeless, in substance abuse treatment facilities. They can provide case management in similar settings, or they can focus on macro practice, working in congressional, legislative and city and state government offices assisting in shaping policy or in advocating for clients and their needs in community agencies. They can work with abused and neglected children in a variety of settings, as adoption workers, helping families to move from welfare to self-sufficiency, or become administrators of human services organizations.

- Former students are working as supervisors at the SAMM transitional living program, as supervisors of Parole at the Texas Youth Commission, and as supervisors or senior workers for Child Protective Services. They are also working as clinicians at San Antonio State Hospital, as social workers with local HIV programs, at children's transplant programs, and as program managers at a family violence program.