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Welcome to the Department of Demography at The University of Texas at San Antonio!

The Department of Demography provides training intended to increase the understanding of the size, distribution, composition and growth of human populations. Our program focuses on developing an understanding of the conceptual basis of population structure, processes, analytical methods, and related policy issues. We offer a Ph.D. in Applied Demography and the focus of the Ph.D. program is on the application of demographic analyses to policy issues encountered in the public and private sectors.

The Department, through the College of Public Policy, provides financial support as many as 8 full time students. The Departmental Office and most faculty offices are located on the second floor of the University’s Monterey Building.

The Department of Demography was established and the Ph.D. in Applied Demography was approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in January of 2006. The first class of students enrolled in the Fall Semester 2006.

New concentrations for the Applied Demography Ph.D.

The UTSA Graduate Council has approved a series of concentrations for the Applied Demography degree as a partnership with the UTSA Department of Sociology. For details, consult the graduate catalog.

The Applied Demography Society (Graduate Student Organization)


Contributions to COPP/UTSA provide student scholarships, research fellowships, faculty research support, new programs that benefit students and the general public, endowed chairs, a source of flexible funds, and more.

Contact Information 

Monterey Building, 2.270

301 South Frio Street

San Antonio, TX 78207

Phone: 210-458-3163
Department Email: dem@utsa.edu

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