New Minor in Civic Engagement

Minor in Civic Engagement

The Minor in Civic Engagement is designed as an interdisciplinary minor that is open to all majors in the University.  All students pursuing the Minor in Civic Engagement must complete 18 semester credit hours.  The Diversity of Communities courses provide students with an opportunity to become competent in a variety of cultural and environmental influences in our society.  The Civic Infrastructure courses provide students the opportunity to become competent in the institutions, structures, and systems that affect our community.  In addition to the required courses, students will choose two additional courses from each of these competency areas.

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I. Required courses 

Foundations of Civic Engagement (3 hour credit – PAD 2073) This foundational course provides students with an understanding of civic participation, civic literacy and the necessary skill set for completion of the minor. It is designed to guide students in making links between their major area of study and the communities in which they work and live in order to help prepare students for a lifetime of responsible citizenship and civic engagement.

Civic Leadership Integrative Seminar (3 hour credit – PAD 3073) This course is the capstone course for the Minor in Civic Engagement. It will engage students, actively, in the San Antonio community through a service-learning experience. (Prerequisite: Foundations of Civic Engagement).

II. Electives 

In addition, students must complete 12 hours of electives. Courses to satisfy the electives requirement are divided into two competencies: Diversity of Communities and Civic Infrastructure. Two courses must come from the courses under the designation of Diversity of Communities competency and two courses must come from the Civic Infrastructure competency.

A. Diversity of Communities (6 Hours

African American Studies (AAS) 

AAS 3013. African American Cultural Experiences 

AAS 3123. Civil Rights Movement & African American Education

American Studies (AMS) 

AMS 3023. Modern American Culture 

AMS 3123. Applications of American Studies 

AMS 3243. Studies in Transnationalism 

AMS 3343. Studies in Race and Ethnicity 

AMS 3443. Studies in Gender and Sexuality

Anthropology (ANT) 

ANT 3223. Anthropology and the Environment 

ANT 3603. Sex, Gender, and Culture 

ANT 3803. Media, Power, and Public Culture 

ANT 3873. Food, Culture, and Society

Bicultural- Bilingual Studies (BBL) 

BBL 3023. Mexican American Culture 

BBL 3033. Mexican Americans in the Southwest

Biology (BIO) 

BIO 3263. The Woody Plants 

BIO 3273. Biology of Flowering Plants 

BIO 3283. Principles of Ecology 

BIO 3333. Plants and Society 

BIO 3553. FAME-Geriatrics

Communication (COM) 

COM 3553. Intercultural Communication

COM 3883. Small Group Communication 

COM 3893. Organizational Communication 

COM 4813. Theory and Practice of Social Interaction

Criminal Justice (CRJ) 

CRJ 3573. Restorative Justice 

CRJ 4403. Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice

Entrepreneurship (ENT) 

ENT 4223. Managing the Entrepreneurial Team

Environmental Science (ES) 

ES 3213. Biology of Flowering Plants

ES 4213. Conservation Biology

ES 4233. Restoration Ecology

Geography (GRG) 

GRG 3153. Geography of Texas 

GRG 3213. Cultural Geography 

GRG 3653. Geographic Perspectives on Women

Health (HTH) 

HTH 3003. Survey of Drug and Health 

HTH 3513. Community Health

History (HIS) 

HIS 3493. History of San Antonio 

HIS 3623. History of the Civil Rights Movement

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) 

IDS 3013. Diversity, Equity, and the Social Sciences

Management (MGT) 

MGT 3023. Understanding People and Organizations 

MGT 3123. Organizational Communication 

MGT 3253. Interpersonal Communication 

MGT 4213. Designing Organizations

Marketing (MKT) 

MKT 4063. Multicultural Marketing

Mexican American Studies (MAS) 

MAS 3013. Chicana/o Queer Communities, Identities and Theories 

MAS 3033. Mexican Americans in the Southwest 

MAS 3413. Mexican American Family

Political Science (POL) 

POL 3093. Mexican American Politics 

POL 3183. Women in Politics 

POL 3293. Political Movements 

POL 3753. Latino/a Politics

Sociology (SOC) 

SOC 3013. Social Stratification 

SOC 3043. Race and Ethnic Relations 

SOC 3163. Families in Society 

SOC 3253. The Individual and Society

SOC 3263. Latinas in U.S. Society 

SOC 3283. Poverty 

SOC 3293. Sociology of Gender 

SOC 3413. Sociology of the Mexican American Community 

SOC 3433. Mexican Immigration and U.S. Society 

SOC 4433. Culture and Society 

SOC 4683. Health Disparities

Women’s Studies (WS) 

WS 4623. Feminist Theories

B. Civic Infrastructure (6 Hours)

Anthropology (ANT) 

ANT 3733. Political and Legal Anthropology 

ANT 3743. The Anthropology of Cyber Cultures 

ANT 3823. Applied Anthropology

Architecture (ARC) 

ARC 3203. Housing Planning: Design and Development 

ARC 4113. Introduction to Community and Regional Planning and Urban Design 

ARC 4183. Environmental Systems

Bicultural-Bilingual Studies (BBL) 

BBL 3403. Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in a Pluralistic Society

Biology (BIO) 

BIO 4073. Law, Ethics, and the Life Sciences 

BIO 4033. Conservation Biology 

BIO 4053. Wildlife Biology

Civil Engineering (CE) 

CE 4123. Highway Engineering 

CE 4293. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 

CE 4603. Water Resources Engineering 

CE 4633. Water and Wastewater Treatment

Criminal Justice (CRJ) 

CRJ 3213. Managing Criminal Justice Organizations 

CRJ 3533. Community Corrections 

CRJ 3563. Juvenile Justice

Economics (ECO) 

ECO 3213. Economics of Antitrust and Regulation 

ECO 3253. Economics of Public and Social Issues 

ECO 4273. Environmental and Resource Economics 

ECO 4543. Economics of School System Reform

Entrepreneurship (ENT) 

ENT 4123. Commercialization and Enterprise Planning 

ENT 4623. Tools and Objectives of the Social Enterprise

Environmental Science (ES) 

ES 3053. Environmental Remediation 

ES 3143. Watershed Processes 

ES 3203. Environmental Law 

ES 4003. Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology 

ES 4133. Natural Resource Policy and Administration 

ES 4153. Introduction to Sustainability 

ES 4163. Renewable Energy 

ES 4173. Waste Water Treatment

ES 4183. Environmental Toxicology 

ES 4203. Environmental Assessment

ES 4243. Wildlife Management

Geography (GRG) 

GRG 3314. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 

GRG 3453. Population Geography 

GRG 3513. Urban Geography 

GRG 3523. Introduction to Urban Planning 

GRG 3533. Geography of Economic Activity 

GRG 3613. Conservation of Resources 

GRG 3623. Geography of Natural Hazards 

GRG 3643. Political Geography 

GRG 3733. Urban and Regional Analysis

Health (HTH) 

HTH 3503. Theories of Health Behavior 

HTH 3523. Worksite Health Promotion 

HTH 3563. Child and Adolescent Health Promotion 

HTH 3663. Program Planning and Evaluation 

HTH 4543. Environmental Health and Safety

History (HIS) 

HIS 3153. Development of American Urban Society

Honors (HON) 

HON 3513. Policy-Making Process 

HON 3523. Beyond Congress and the White House

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) 

IDS 3211. Inquiry in Earth Systems Science

Legal Studies (LGS) 

LGS 3113. Minorities and the Law 

LGS 4013. Issues in Law and Society

Military Science (MSC) 

MSC 3013. Leading Small Organizations I 

MSC 3023. Leading Small Organizations II 

MSC 4023. Leadership in a Complex World 

MSC 4033. Practical Leadership

Nonprofit Management (NPO) 

NPO 3003. Fundraising in Nonprofit Agencies 

NPO 3013. Introduction to Nonprofit Agencies

Political Science (POL) 

POL 3253. Participation and American National Elections

POL 3413. The Politics of Urban Development

POL 3553. Social Policy in Modern Welfare States

Public Administration (PAD) 

PAD 3013. Introduction to Public Policy 

PAD 3023. Introduction to Urban Management and Policy 

PAD 3033. Introduction to Nonprofit Agencies 

PAD 3053. Urban Economic Development 

PAD 3113. Managing Public and Nonprofit Administrations 

PAD 3133. Politics and Policies of San Antonio and South Texas 

PAD 3143. Urban and Regional Planning

Sociology (SOC) 

SOC 3083. Social Change and Development 

SOC 3093. Religion and Society 

SOC 3113. Criminology 

SOC 3203. Gerontology 

SOC 3223. Population Dynamics and Demographic Techniques 

SOC 3503. Sociology of Education 

SOC 4053. Health Care Systems