Current Students

Current Students

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Here is a directory of our current Ph.D. students and their research interests

Serge Atherwood Social demography, life course of Gen Y
Jewel Barnett Food insecurity, childhood obesity
Andrea Bautista-León Immigration, life course, education
Jamiko Deleveaux Immigration
Noelia Flores Reproductive health
Dorian Galindo-Jones Educational demography
Andres Gallardo Energy, inequality
Todd Garrard Urbanization and crime
Federico Girimoldi Breast cancer prevention, immigration
Kahli Hendrick-Romano Social inequality, education
Stephanie Hernandez Reproductive health, health disparities
Howard Hughes Veteran's Health
William Kazanis Mental health disparities
Jeongsoo Kim Fertility, labor markets
Daniela Krotzer Disability
Francisco Lesso-Garcia International migration, remittances, poverty
Xiaoling Liang Educational demography,mental health
Jose Louro Healthcare access and utilization, health disparities
Joan Mendoza Health disparities, health policy, poverty
Jessica Omoregie Chronic diseases, health care access, health disparities
Clarissa Ozuna Education, Fertility
Ricardo Ramirez Labor force dynamics
Sara Robinson Health, health disparities, prediabetes 
Ali Roghani Family demography
Amber Salinas Mental health
Lorenzo Sanchez Social Vulnerability to Disasters
Steven Sano Health demography, health disparities, neighborhood effects
Bricio Vasquez Education, youth transitions
Jeffrey Wright Political demography, race and ethnicity