Prospective Student Information

Prospective Student Information

Anyone interested in becoming a part of our program, please contact our Graduate Advisor of Record, Dr. Corey Sparks.

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UTSA Graduate School Prospective Student Page - Here you will find information on applying to UTSA, the San Antonio area, funding sources, and special information for military veterans and international applicants.

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Characteristics of Recent Students

We offer admission for fall entry on a selective basis. We require the GRE for all applicants, recent averages (on the new GRE scale) for our accepted students are 152 Quantitative and 152 Verbal. More information on admissions and applying can be found below.

We accept students from a wide variety of academic disciplines. Here is a breakdown of our recently accepted students Masters degree fields. While the majority of our students come from social science disciplines, we have several students from statistics departments, MBA programs and a variety of health fields.

Current Employment of Our Graduates

We are pleased to say that we have 100% placement of our Ph.D. graduates. We do not, however always send students into the academy, and have a wide range of employment for our gradutes. Our program prepares our graduates for opportunities in many fields and here is a breakdown of our recent graduates.

Dissertation topics of our graduates

Below is a listing of our graduates and their respective dissertation titles.

Name Graduation Date Dissertation Title
Mary Bollinger May 2010 Obesity and Place: A Study of the South Texas Veterans
Health Care System (STVHCS) User Population
Mike Cline August 2010 Adapting To Car Culture: The Process of Immigrant Transportation
Assimilation in New Gateway Cities
Miguel Flores August 2010 NAFTA and Determinants of Mexico’s Internal Migration: 1995 – 2005
Eliza Hernandez August 2010 Persistence and degree attainment: The role of individual
decision-making, various forms of capital, and institutional factors
among Mexican-American undergraduate students
Deborah Perez August 2010 Predictors of Ethnic Identification for Children of Hispanic Intermarried Couples: Ethnic Leakage?
Jennifer Roth August 2010 Veteran Health and Health Care in the United States  and Texas: a Mixed Methods Approach
Marguerite Sagna August 2010 Inequalities in utilization of maternal health services in Uganda
David Armstrong May 2011 Massachusetts’ Health Care Reform: The Effects of Chapter 58
on Uninsurance and the Determinants of Uninsurance
Joseph Campbell May 2011 Poor People and Poor Places: Local Opportunity Structures and Poverty Transitions
Mary Hogan May 2011 Public Health Crisis – Obesity: Individual Risks and Causes
Emma Mancha May 2011 Inadequate Parity Standardization in Hispanic Birth Projections
Gilbert Suarez May 2011 Acculturation and Contraceptive Use Among Latino Adolescents in the U.S.
Alelhie Valencia May 2011 A Comparative Analysis of Intimate Partner Violence Using an Ecological Framework
Alma Martinez-Jimenez December 2011 Individual determinants associated with fasting glucose levels and
environmental factors associated with diabetes prevalence
Victoria Locke May 2012 Calling it out: The Role of Institutional Racism in Disparities in Educational Outcomes
Samantha John December 2012 Youth Risky Sexual Behavior in Guyana: An Ecological Perspective
Chun-Lin Lin December 2012 The Effect of Spatial Access on Utilization of Health Care Services Among the Elderly
Frank Martinez III December 2012 Las Colonias de la Frontera: A Study of Substandard Housing Settlements along the Texas-Mexico Border
Ke Meng December 2012 The Relationship between Children’s Health and Mother’s Employment
and Labor Force Participation: A Multilevel Analysis
Brian Munkombwe May 2013 Rural-Urban Migration and Child Mortality in Zambia: Effects of
Migrant Selectivity, Contraceptive Use and Birth Spacing
Carlos Valenzuela December 2013 An analysis of household energy use by racial/ethnic composition:
Consumption, efficiency, and lifestyles
Jinny Case December 2013 Spousal Homogamy and Marital Dissolution in the Highly Educated
Scientist and Engineering Population of the United States
Sadasivan Karuppusamy December 2013 The Determinants and Trends in the Household Energy Consumption
for Different End Uses in the United States during 2001-2009
Susanne Schmidt December 2013 Inequalities in Injury Risk in U.S. Adults: Socioeconomic Status,
Health Behaviors, and Contextual Determinants of Injury Morbidity and Mortality
Jeffrey Howard May 2014 An examination of racial/ethnic and socioeconomic differentials in
allostatic load biomarkers and the subsequent effects on mortality
outcomes in the United States
John Garza May 2014 Spatially Oriented Demographic Determinants of Foreclosures in Bexar County
Alexis Santos May 2015 Inequalities in Human Papillomavirus Vaccination for Female Adolescents in the United States
Ramona Serban August 2015 Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Access to Primary Care: A Spatial Approach to
Determining the Effects of Residential Segregation, Socioeconomic Status
and Health Factors on Access to Primary Care in U.S. Adults
Matthew Martinez August 2015 Dropout Legacy: Exploring the Effects of Historic Neighborhood Contexts
on Contemporary Individual and Neighborhood Dropout Behavior

Mikiko Oliver August 2015 Population Aging and Economic Growth in the United States and Japan
Heidy Colón-Lugo December 2015 Lost to Care: Individual and Neighborhood Characteristics with the
Out-of-Care HIV Positive Patient Population of an Outpatient HIV/AIDS
Clinic in Bexar County, TX: 2008-2013
Daniel Shinaberry May 2016 An Examination of Racial/Ethnic Differentials in Social Network Use and
the Subsequent Effects on Biomarker Outcomes for Adolescents in the U.S.
Daesung Choi August 2016 Revisiting the Role of Acculturation and Selectivity in the Hispanic Health
Paradox: An Analysis of Health Behaviors, Adult Mortality and Low Birthweight
Mauricio Rodriguez Abreu August 2016 Racial/Ethnic and Gender Differentials in Time-Use: Mexican Immigrants’
Poverty of Time, Gender Division of Labor, and Self-Rated Health 

 Paul Chance Kinnison August 2016 Place Based Variation in Food Insecurity Transitions with Policy Applications 
Pamela Willrodt August 2016 Vietnam-Era Veteran Health: A Life-Course Perspective At The End of Middle Adulthood
Sharon Goodwin May 2017 Veteran status as an explantion fro SES and health differentials for men in the US
Rebecca Adeigbe May 2017 Structural determinants of health: The influence of income inequality, racial residential segregation and social
cohesion on Latino childhood obesity
Xiaoling Liang August 2018 Student outcomes: The role of teacher salary differentials