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Meet Nishita Maliek Date: 01/05/17 | Posted in: Student Features

Nishita Maliek, who is pursuing her master's degree in Criminal Justice & Criminology from UTSA, gets a taste of community organizing to inspire social change such as improving police and community relations. 

Meet Lindsey Walker, COPP Scholar Date: 11/21/16 | Posted in: Student Features

Lindsey Walker, a public administration major, is passionate about reforming the education system.

Meet Jennifer Gomez, COPP Scholar Date: 11/16/16 | Posted in: Student Features

Jennifer Gomez is a criminal justice major from Houston, TX and recipient of the COPP Scholar Award.  

Meet Lisa Cervantes Date: 11/14/16 | Posted in: Student Features

Meet Lisa Cervantes.  Lisa is studying the environmental impacts of food waste.

Meet Misty Green Date: 09/23/16 | Posted in: Student Features

Misty is Vice-President for the Alpha Phi Sigma, Criminal Justice National Honor Society.  She wants to use her degree to inspire positive change and service to the community.