Henry Meade prepares for his course by doing “Ride Along” with SAPD officer


Henry Meade participated in a day long ride along with UTSA Criminal Justice alum and SAPD Officer Richard Camacho. Meade has participated in ride alongs before with the SAPD, but this year he specifically sought out a UTSA graduate and one of his former students.  

"It's my turn to learn from him and in a way confirm what we spoke about in class has any impact on him now as a police professional," Meade said.  

In addition to the ride along, Meade also visited the SAPD Fusion Center Intelligence Division and the Police Academy where he shadowed professionals conducting police cadet training. Participating in the experiences with Meade was a visiting professor from Spain, one of his contacts who helps him arrange for the Criminal Justice Study Abroad course in Spain. 

Criminal Justice Lecturer III Henry Meade with UTSA Criminal Justice Alum Officer Richard Camacho