Meet Lindsey Walker, COPP Scholar


Lindsey Walker, fall 2016 COPP Scholar, is now much closer to reaching her goals.  With the financial support from her scholarship, she can graduate in four years and work on reforming the public education system.  Walker was in an engineering magnet program in high school, but she later realized that an engineering degree plan was not for her.  She felt a strong desire for public service because she wanted to improve the quality of the education system so that many youth can graduate from school and invest their skills and talents to build their communities.  In her spare time, Walker volunteers with her Christian group.

"It makes me feel good to know someone supports my decision and what I can do with my career," Walker said.

The COPP Scholar Program was created to recognize academic excellence and offer many students like Lindsey, opportunities for educational attainment, so that she and many other Roadrunners can achieve their academic and career goals.

Lindsey Walker, COPP Scholar