Meet Nishita Maliek


Nishita graduated from UTSA with a double major in psychology and criminal justice in 2015.  This year, she will earn her Masters of Science in Criminology.  In classes, Nishita gets to learn about policy making and how difficult it is for local governments to create and implement policies.  

"To students we often do not understand this process and why it takes so long because we are not exposed to real world scenarios," Maliek said. 

Maliek was recently appointed to assist with the Police Community Relations Council with the help of Criminal Justice Associate Professor Dr. Michael Gilbert and Lecturer III Henry Meade.  Due to her experience with the council, she was able to witness first-hand how difficult it is to facilitate a meeting where everyone needs to arrive at a consensus on how to strategize tackling a certain issue in the community.  The council contains people from various backgrounds coming together to discuss how law enforcement officers can work with communities to decrease crime rates and increase public trust.  

"It is very rewarding to see what I have only learned in books, come to real life," Maliek said.  "These meetings are very beneficial due to the fact that many perspectives are taken into account to reach one goal, improving police and community relations while simultaneously decreasing crime."

"I am very fortunate and thankful to have had the opportunity to volunteer and witness these meetings," she said.  "This will help in the understanding of the policy making process in any future career in the CRJ field.

After she receives her master's degree, Maliek aspires to work in corrections or with the FBI to combat terrorism.

Nishita Maliek, UTSA criminal justice & criminology graduate student