Assistant Professor Heidi Rueda is a co-author of Disability, Intimacy, and Sexual Health


The book offers a comprehensive research and interviews with social workers to explore how sexuality intersects with disability.

From left to right: Julie Gutin, managing editor of NASW Press; Heidi Rueda, UTSA Social Work assistant professor; Cheryl Y. Bradley, NASW Press publisher

National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Member and Assistant professor of social work Heidi Rueda and her coauthors, Kristen Faye Linton and Lela Rankin Williams, have taken a deeper look into the micro, meso, and macro systems that affect the lives and relationships of people with disabilities. In their book, the authors examine the complex intersection of disability and intimate relationships attending to individuals with disability form ages birth to older adulthood. The disabilities can be psychiatric, intellectual, learning, neurological, or physical in nature. Society tends to view sexual behaviors among people with disabilities as problematic or that those with disabilities have no sexual feelings or desires, and this book helps social workers meet the needs of this diverse population and influences policymakers, academia, and practitioners to advocate for healthy sexual relationships of people with disabilities.

"As I was working on the book project, I was diagnosed with the disability of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome," said Rueda. "This has really impacted my life as I work daily on my recovery and opened my heart to individuals with all types of disabilities."

Disability, Intimacy, and Sexual Health: A Social Work Perspective (2017) was published by the NASW Press, a leading scholarly social work publisher.

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