UTSA researchers receive funding to study reentry of the formerly incarcerated


Criminal Justice Assistant Professor Dr. Michael Caudy and UTSA researchers in the Department of Criminal Justice and College of Architecture, Assistant Professors, Dr. Jill ViglioneDr. James V. Ray, and Assistant Professor Dr. Rebecca Walter receive funding through the Grants for Research Advancement and Transformation (GREAT) Program to study one of the most pressing challenges currently facing American society -- reentry and reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals into the community.  According to Caudy and his colleagues, approximately 95 percent of all prisoners are eventually released into the community, but there is little research to show how individual differences shape the reentry experience.  The aim of their study "Elucidating the Mechanisms of Reentry" is to gain a better perspective on how formerly incarcerated individuals navigate through society and how the barriers they face (e.g. access to affordable housing, stable employment, and health care) affect their quality of life.  Caudy and his fellow researchers' project could help improve the measures used that influence reentry outcomes and raise awareness of how the utilization of social services could help foster successful reintegration into society.  

The proposed study represents a new collaborative partnership between junior faculty members from multiple colleges within UTSA as well as between UTSA faculty and community partners in criminal justice, housing and healthcare. 

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