Minor in Civic Engagement


students at food bankWhat is the Minor in Civic Engagement?  The Minor in Civic Engagement provides a foundational understanding of civic participation and civic literacy. Students will actively engage in the San Antonio community through service-learning experiences, preparing them for a lifetime of responsible citizenship. No matter what profession you choose, a Minor in Civic Engagement will give you the skills necessary for shaping your community’s future. As a student, you will develop leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and professional development skills to be successful in a wide array of industries. More and more companies are placing high importance on corporate responsibility to help their businesses grow and sustain. With a Minor in Civic Engagement, you become more marketable in the workplace, setting yourself apart from your peers. The program enables you to be a well-rounded applicant who can think critically and solve real-world problems.

community meetingCivic Engagement in Engineering

Some universities are requiring engineers to have a civic engagement experience. This allows them to work with the community and develop an understanding of the civic bodies who oversee projects that impact the public. For example, while working on an engineering project for Sanborn County Park in California, engineering students of Santa Clara University were able to apply their knowledge of civic engagement principles, which gave them an understanding of the environmental impact in the community to help save a dying pond.

Civic Engagement in Business

Community involvement builds character in your business. It’s important for businesses to have a positive impact in the community. Learning more about your community can help you reach a variety of goals, and not just the financial ones. Civic engagement can strengthen a company’s reputation, promote good-will, and produce well-rounded employees. For example, Spectrum Cable is working inside the community to bridge the digital divide and improve digital literacy for underserved communities. Many low-income residents who live in public housing do not have access to broadband internet. Spectrum is training individuals to use technology to help them meet their financial and economic goals. The San Antonio Housing Authority and the Digital Inclusion Alliance of San Antonio are working hard to achieve this goal as well.

Civic Engagement in Architecture

old building in san antonioCivic participation is one aspect of the city’s health.  Design strategies can build civic engagement by translating into actionable designs for neighborhoods and buildings. Residents who feel connected to the places they live are more likely to participate in local politics and identify with a civic mission. Project teams find it more important than ever to engage citizens in the decision-making process. The Concordia project team in Alexandria, Virginia designed and led a community engagement process aimed at strengthening the relationship between municipal government and the City’s residents. Concordia held a series of public meetings to ask residents to envision and design the process through which the City should engage its citizens. The focus of the project was aimed to strengthen and nurture the relationship between the City and the community.student at community meeting

These are just a couple of examples to help you realize how valuable civic engagement is in our everyday lives. So you see, no matter what profession you choose, you can make a difference and contribute to the overall health of the community in which you live.




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