Public Administration

Academic Programs


Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Public Administration

The University of Texas' newest undergraduate degree, the Bachelor of Public Administration, will prepare students for jobs in the public sector and non-profit sector, by giving them a broad background in the basics of administration, combined with a contemporary focus on urban management, the non-profit sector, tools of analysis, and the role of ethics.  Graduates may also find jobs in large companies in the private sector whose business requires contacts and relationships with public agents.

BPA Mission Statement:  The Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) program prepares students with a broad background in the fundamentals of administration, combined with a focus on urban management, the nonprofit sector, tools of analysis, and the role of ethics in a diverse society.

Minor in Nonprofit Management

Students from any discipline may select a Minor in Nonprofit Management.  The minor in Nonprofit Management provides the opportunity to prepare for leadership positions in social services, community, youth, environment, medical, arts and other nonprofit agencies.


Graduate Programs

Master of Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA).  What makes a professional career in public service so unique is the emphasis on the challenging issues that define the public agenda and call for talented individuals to devote their efforts to finding solutions.  Many worthwhile careers in the public sector are devoted to providing vital daily services to the public in cities, states and nations around the world.  Professionals in these careers often must tackle very challenging problems such as expanding services to meet the needs of changing populations without necessarily raising taxes, implementing information technologies that better connect citizens to their governments, and improving responses to natural disasters.  Employment demand for professionals to provide leadership, financial management, policy analysis and other such skills has never been stronger for the public sector.

MPA Mission Statement:  The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program at The University of Texas at San Antonio educates responsible leaders and ethical public servants through a curriculum incorporating original research and practice.  The program's diverse graduates, representing a wide range of professional and community backgrounds, serve the public locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  Bridging research and practice, MPA graduates demonstrate the decision making, management, communication and analytical skills necessary to sustain a responsive and effective public sector.

Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Administration and Leadership

The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Administration and Leadership provides essential technical and analytical skills for leading and managing organizations, including fundraising, grant writing, financial management, srategic planning, colloboration and advocacy.  The Certificate highlights the skills necessary to manage social and human service, arts, regligious, advocacy, and educational nonprofit organizations.  The program's focus is on the importance of leaderhship in preserving the unique role and purpose of the nonprofit sector in American society, while enhancing student employment opportunities with nonprofit and public agencies to meet the growing compelxity and demand of the nonprofit sector.