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NASPAA Self-Study Report for Accreditation

UTSA's MPA Program receives reaccreditation through NASPAA, it's national accrediting body.

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In preparation of the Reaccreditation process and site team visit, the department created this webpage to detail that process and the full report developed. Please see below for that original language.

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   The MPA program at The University of Texas at San Antonio will undergo its reaccreditation through our accrediting body, the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA), in the 2012-2013 academic year.

   As stated on NASPAA's website, "Accreditation is a sign that a program has met a set of standards regarding curriculum, administration, program mission, student admissions, faculty quality, student services and placement, and facilities. It means the program has gone through a rigorous process of self study, an accreditation commission review, and an extensive on-site campus visit by a team of experts. In brief, accreditation is one of many signs of quality that a student can use when considering graduate programs." For more information about NASPAA, please visit

   As part of the reaccreditation, our department has completed a self-study report which provides an extensive overview of the MPA program’s efforts. The self-study document is divided into seven standards. As an overview, each standard focuses on a particular area for the MPA program:

   Standard 1 Program mission and history, program’s public service values, performance expectations, stakeholders, program evaluation, linking program efforts with the mission.

   Standard 2 Administrative capacity adequate to meet the program’s goals, mission and objectives, faculty governance, program influence.

   Standard 3 Faculty qualifications, faculty diversity and recruitment, research, scholarship and service.

   Standard 4 Student recruitment efforts, admissions policies, graduation statistics, student experience and demographics, internships, and student support.

   Standard 5 Program’s required competencies as related to its mission and public service values, and assessment of one competency.

   Standard 6 Resource adequacy related to sufficient funding, resources and space for the program’s efforts; course frequency, support staff.

   Standard 7 Public information of program’s information, including degree information, curriculum, mission statement, tuition, scholarship and other resources.


   The full report is available here. NASPAA's review of the report generated follow-up questions needing clarification. The department's response is here.

   As a resource for the MPA Program at UTSA, we ask that you review the attached self-study documents in preparation for our upcoming site visit on February 27 - March 1, 2013. If you would like more information about the MPA Program or the department overall please visit our website.

   If you have questions or comments please contact me by phone, (210) 458-2501, or by email,

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