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2017 COPP research report available

A need for a new, broader way of studying crime
Dylan Jackson for the San Antonio Express-News

Criminal Justice professor's new study shows food insecurity could be related to domestic violence
KSAT-12 News

Professor and Chair featured in the news about body camera use by police officers

Criminal Justice Professor’s research on teacher victimization featured in Education Week
(Education Week)

Associate Professor in Demography is co-editor of internationally-recognized social sciences journal

Demography alums Dr. Alexis Santos' and Dr. Jeffrey Howard's research on Puerto Rico's death toll from Hurricane Maria receives national coverage.
(The New York Times)

Criminal Justice Assistant Professor Kellie Lynch receives $20,000 research award

Drs. R. Walter, M. Tillyer & Viglione featured in Express-News on housing policies for past offenders
(San Antonio Express-News)

Associate professor conducts research project in Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Lloyd Potter explains reasons for Bexar County's boost in seniors 
(San Antonio Express-News)

Drs. Michael Smith and Rob Tillyer along with researchers at UTEP examine racial bias in police stops

UTSA researcher Dr. Christopher Reddick examines how city governments use Facebook to engage citizens
(UTSA Today)

Are children of incarcerated parents at more risk for eating disorders?
(UTSA Today)

NEW! RSC-DTC Proposal Submission Deadlines have arrived .  
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UTSA faculty are helping public housing authorities update their housing policies
(UTSA Today)

UTSA Assistant Professor Dr. Heidi Rueda shares tips on how to foster healthy relationships
(UTSA Today)

Dr. Dylan Jackson examines correlations between breastfeeding duration and junk food intake
(UTSA Today)

Researcher examines the duration of breastfeeding and childhood behavior problems

Associate Professor Amy Chanmugam recognized for social work research

Assistant Professor Megan Augustyn studies harmful effects of juvenile transfer policies 

Dr. Rogelio Sáenz's new research finds white deaths exceed births in one-third of U.S. states

The numbers don’t add up!

New - COPP Research Handbook

COPP researchers study the profession of public service

Assistant professor receives funding to study reentry of the formerly incarcerated

COPP faculty receive INTRA funding