Research Projects

Active Projects

The San Antonio Pathway to the Health Professions
Funder: US Department of Health and Human Services
Amount: $1.856M, PI: Prof. Roger Enriquez

Multi-Site Evaluations of Courts on the Frontline: Systematically Assessing Implementation and Intermediate Outcomes in Veterans Treatment Courts
Funder: Missouri State University
Amount: $146,134 PI: Dr. Richard Hartley

Teacher Victimization: Understanding Prevalence, Causation, and Negative Consequences 
Funder: US Department of Justice 
Amount: $359,501 PIs: Prof. Roger EnriquezDr. Byongook Moon

Examining Prosecutorial Discretion in Federal Criminal Cases
Funder: US Department of Justice
Amount: $39,823, PIs: Dr. Richard HartleyDr. Robert Tillyer

International Conference Series on Aging in the Americas
Funder: University of Texas at Austin  (National Institutes of Health)
Amount: $40,000 PI: Dr. Rogelio Sáenz

Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Project
Funder: Texas Department of Family Protective Services
Amount: $287,000 PI: Dr. Jolyn Mikow

Demographic Data & Assistance
Funder: Texas Department of Transportation
Amount: $506,870 PIs: Dr. Lloyd PotterJeffrey Jordan

SJPD Traffic & Pedestrian Stop Study
Funder: Center for Law and Human Behavior - University of Texas at El Paso
Amount: $24,200 PI: Dr. Robert Tillyer

Past Projects

Estimation Allocation Factors for Local Workforce Development areas
Funder: Texas Workforce Commission
Amount: $16,903 PI: Dr. Dr. Lloyd Potter

Examining the Impact of Segregation on Racial/Ethnic and Educational Differences in Allostatic Load Levels and Mortality Risks 
Funder: National Institutes of Health 
Amount: $147,000, PI: Dr. P. Johnelle Sparks

Mental Health Needs of Children in Domestic Violence Shelters: Maternal Perceptions and Help-Seeking Experiences
Funder: Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
Amount: $17,500 PI: Dr. Amy Chanmugam

The New 100th Meridian: Urban Water Resiliency in a Climatic and Demographic Hot Spot
Funder: University of Texas at Austin (National Science Foundation)
Amount: $24,219 PI: Dr. Lloyd Potter

ICCR Program Evaluation Services Project
Funder: Sam Houston State University
Amount: $17,500 PI: Dr. Jill Viglione

San Francisco Police Department Data Analysis
Funder: Center for Law and Human Behavior - University of Texas at El Paso
Amount: $39,988 PI: Dr. Robert Tillyer