Research Areas Of Interest/Expertise

Criminal Justice
Biosocial Criminology
Correctional Interventions
Crime Prevention
Criminal Justice Decision Making Systems
Disparities in Sentencing
Drug Control Policy
Gang Violence
Gender and Crime
Genetics, Neuroscience, and Behavior
Immigration Law
Jury Issues
Juvenile Justice
Legal Attitudes and Legal Socialization
Policy Reform Restorative and Community Justice
Race, Ethnicity, and Crime
School Bullying
Interested? Please contact Department Chair:
Michael Smith, J.D., Ph.D.
Demographic Methods and Trends
Economic Development
Education and Social Mobility
Family Demography
Health Disparities
International Migration
Latinos in Higher Education
Maternal and Child Health
Poverty and Inequality
Race Relations
Spatial Analysis
Social Change
Social Demography
Statistical Methodology
US-Mexican Migration
Interested? Please contact the Department Chair:
Johnelle Sparks, Ph.D.
Public Administration
Accountability in Local Government
City Mangers and Administrative Power
Civil Rights Litigation and Legislation
Community Development
Emergency Management
Intersections of Public/Private Organizations
Governance and Policy
Land Use Policy
Local Politics
Politics and Market Intersections
Nonprofit Organizations
Public Management
Public Policy History and Process
Urban and Regional Planning Urban Renewal
Interested? Please contact the Interim Department Chair:
Heywood Sanders, Ph.D.
Social Work
Adoption and Foster Care Children
Families and Interpersonal Violence
Child Welfare Abuse and Neglect
Prevention and Intervention
Demography of Aging, Gender Roles, Sexual Harassment & Assault
Ethics in Social Work Practice and Education
Family Interventions and Support Services
Health Disparities among Minority and At-Risk Youth
Homelessness and Homeless Communities
Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Sexism, Racism, Domestic Violence as related to Collegiate and Professional Sports
Racial and Ethnic Disparities of Children and Families Served by Public Welfare Agencies
Role of Discrimination in Healthcare Services
Sexual Harassment and Assault
Social Justice and Restorative Justice
Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention
Violence Prevention as Related to Gender and Sexuality
Interested? Please contact the Department Chair:
Amy Chanmugam, Ph.D.